About us

H2 Laboratories Ltd. is committed to providing innovative solutions for lab-based analysis of rock core via Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). Our product and services offer fast, accurate, non-destructive analysis of rock core samples used by the oil and gas industry in exploration and reservoir characterization.

H2 Laboratories Ltd. is a subsidiary of Green Imaging Technologies (GIT), the world leader in lab based NMR rock core analysis. Building on GITs expertise in expanding the suite of measurements that can be done with NMR, H2 Laboratories Ltd. has the goal of making NMR core analysis accessible to all oil companies, oil service companies and academic institutions, regardless of size.

H2 Laboratories Ltd. is able to test many different lithologies, including clastics and carbonates. Our lab specializes in unconventional plays; those with low permeability and low porosities. Our lab is equipped with the most advanced NMR instruments and all the equipment necessary for core preparation, from cleaning to saturation.